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Financing with RV General Store

When you purchase your RV from RV General Store you can be assured that your transaction will be handled with the utmost care by industry-trained professionals. Our Finance Manager is certified by the Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals. We adhere to all industry and federally mandated guidelines, including OFAC and the Red Flags Rule.

RV General Store is proud to offer its customers the following services:


Did you know that the interest on an RV loan is tax deductible? Take advantage of this benefit while you still can. RV General Store partners with national and local lenders to help find you the best rates and terms available.


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Even the very best RVs on the road are built by human hands. Today’s RV contains more electronics and computing power than the Apollo 11 spacecraft. From time to time every RV is  going to need repairs.Once the factory warranty expires the RV owner is 100% responsible for repair costs. If the RV you purchase is used, you bear the brunt of repair costs from day one. There is no need to despair, however.

RV general Store has partnered with Protective Insurance to offer our customers the Xtra Ride parts & labor program. Xtra Ride is the only such program endorsed by the Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association.

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For coverage specifics and costs call (405) 366-7934


You never know just how good your insurance coverage is until you make a claim. Unfortunately, most RVers are woefully underinsured. Many make the mistake of adding it to their homeowners our auto policy. Then, when they need it most, they discover their coverage isn’t nearly what they thought it was.

This is why we recommend our purchasers obtain coverage from a specialty RV insurer. These companies specialize in recreational vehicles and are better able to tailor policies to the specific needs of each RVer. Specialty RV insurers offer total loss replacement coverage on all new RVs. Total loss replacement offers unbelievable protection against losses when your loan payoff exceeds the insurance settlement in the event your RV is totaled.

RV General Store offers every customer the opportunity to receive a free, no obligation quote from our insurance agency partners. See how their quote stacks up to your existing coverage before your next trip.

Click here to obtain your free, no obligation RV insurance quote.


In the event a purchaser opts for insurance coverage that does not include total loss replacement, RV General Store offers GAP Waiver Coverage. GAP Waiver is an additional policy that covers the difference between the loan payoff and the insurance settlement if there is a shortage.

There are coverage term and amount limits. Ask your salesperson for details.

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